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Dawn Laurens - Abstract painter - Chicago / Amsterdam/Algarve Portugal

I paint the happy in my ness.

Born in Amsterdam and based in Portugal.

Commuting in between.

Autodidact in visual media; MSc in psychology, lingual dexterity.


For me painting is a personal inquiry, an exploration of texture, shape, color, line, depth, light & shadow and composition.


For many years as a psychologist/head of clinic in mental health care I have tried to blend together contrasting, often conflicting elements in organizations, in teams and in the minds of patients. Choreographing these elements into balance & growth. Mainly aided by words. Verbal.

I still do the same. Search for balance. With paint. Or photos. Wordless. As a form of abstract visual language.


Several artists exuberantly describe their own work in lengthy statements. These are mostly unsuccessful attempts to give their work more élan and are often top-heavy & blah-blah. Verbal support, in my opinion, doesn't make it look better.


Art should be able to stand on its own.

In the end it is simple: you like it or you don't.

Let me know.

So that's all:  no more text here.

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